NQCG is developing platform agnostic quantum software building on latest advances in superconducting qubits and photonic quantum computing.

NQCG applications R&D team is focused on pursuing quantum advantage in three core areas of Quantum Information Technology:

• Simulation

• Optimisation

• Artificial Intelligence

We work mainly in financial services sector and industrial technology, developing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and applications.


NQCG has a broad Nordic presence with a strong connection to the leading technical universities and national research laboratories in the region. Our team’s background allows us to draw experience and knowledge from a highly diverse universe of industries and academia. We are collaborating with industry experts to directly translate research to applications. At present, the team has state of the art competences in quantum computing research, machine learning, quantitative investment and trading, big data analytics, complex nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, and intellectual property rights.