Nordic Quantum Computing Group

NQCG is performing research and development in the area of commercial exploitation of nano-scale science, engineering and technology. Our main area of interest is Quantum Information Processing and Communication (QIPC). Like many other research companies, NQCG has a strong interest in the development of practical Quantum Computers.

NQCG has an excellent overview of the field of nanoscience, as our ontology tools for nanotechnology are adapted by the major standardisation bureaus and broad group of stakeholders and are steadily approaching the state of automated knowledge updates. Our suggested approach to quantum computation is guided by our interpretation of the development of nanotechnology rather than faith in the suitability of some particular quantum phenomenon.

All technologies related to QIPC are of interest to us, from the short and medium term goal of quantum communication and quantum cryptography, to the long term goal of building large scale Quantum Computers. We will be developing commercial Quantum Information Technologies (QIT) and building a portfolio of useful Intellectual Property (IP). To achieve these goals, we are interested in:

  • Building up our in-house expertise by recruiting application-oriented researchers and creating our own research labs.
  • Strengthening our links to the academic research community by setting up joint development laboratories and/or funding specific research projects and hiring consultants with specific expertise in applications.
  • Buying the rights to IP of finished research in the academic environment.