CODATA-VAMAS Working Group on Nanomaterials completes first version Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nanoscale

This draft document is the result of two years effort, five international workshops, and many face-to-face and email discussions. Over 80 experts have participated in this work to date.

With the release of the first draft of the UDS (also available on, the Working Group is now moving to a new work phase, which will feature

  1. improving the draft UDS, especially by expanding the sets of descriptors to include work done by other groups that has not yet been included;
  2. working with nanoinformatics groups to ensure that the UDS is compatible with the data formats and ontologies used for various nanoinformatics resources;
  3. collaborating with international unions to help them specialize the UDS to meet their needs; and
  4. working with standards development organizations on utilizing the UDS as appropriate.

The UDS is not complete, and we look forward to continued partnership with you to move it forward.

Link to Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nanoscale (UDS).

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

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