NQCG joins EU FP7 eNanoMapper Scientific Advisory Board

Axel P. Mustad, Chairman of NQCG Board of Directors, elected to serve on the eNanoMapper Scientific Advisory Board.

The European Commission under FP7 NMP.2013.1.3-2 funds the eNanoMapper project; Nanomaterials safety assessment: Ontology, database(s) for modelling and risk assessment.

NQCG nanoinformatics research projects build on EU research projects in fields of nanosafety, standardization projects in CEN, ISO and IEC in fields of nanotechnology, and extend to related projects, e.g., CODATA-VAMAS project on developing a Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nano-scale.

Specific Board appointments have been made to ensure alignment, e.g., the EU research projects MARINA, NANoREG and eNanoMapper, and the COST-MODENA project, along coordination of database project(s) in the EU NanoSafety Cluster, as well in the US-EU dialogue bridging nanoEHS research.

It is with great enthusiasm NQCG joins the EU FP7 eNanoMapper Scientific Advisory Board.

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

NQCG's primary research interest is the realization of quantum simulators capable of complex computations in the fields of nanoscience and continuum mechanics.