Rest in Peace Jon Bing

It is with great sadness that NQCG has received notification that Jon Bing passed away Tuesday 14, January 2014.

Jon Bing has for decades been regarded internationally as an expert and thought leader within and at the intersection of technology and law, and as one of the founders of the field of “computer law”. He was associated with the Centre for Law at the Department of Private Law at University of Oslo. His merits and list of scientific publications is impressive.

Jon Bing served on the Board of Directors of NQCG for many years and later served on the Scientific Advisory Board of NQCG. Jon Bing was a great resource for the company and will always be remembered for his good friendship, challenging thoughts, and for being a remarkably knowledgeable person.

Thank you Jon, may all good things come true.

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

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