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The Research Council of Norway appoints NQCG for COST MODENA.

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As one of its tasks for 2013, the EU NanoSafety Cluster’s working group 4 Databases aims to compile a list of nanosafety related databases. NQCG is contact point for this task, building upon the work performed on databases and ontology within the project.

Not too long ago a list of nanosafety-related databases have been composed, but in a fast-pacing world this lists need maintenance. Additionally, the list should be completed with further detail on these databases, including whether the database has an application protocol interface (API), uses standards (e.g., ontologies), and what the copyright and license state is.

NQCG will broaden and update the list from the US-EU nanoEHS Dialogue transatlantic cooperation in nanosafety while interact directly with relevant nanomaterials database owners from the US and EU with regard to status of API, uses standards, and belonging intellectual property rights, license regimes etc., for each data repository. NQCG will present the results of this work at the forthcoming NANOTOX 2014, 7th International Nanotoxicology Congress.

The goal of this task is to help administrators of nanosafety related databases to broaden awareness of their databases and to ensure interoperability of data.

More information: EU NanoSafety Cluster WG4 Task 1 - 2013.

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NQCG's primary research interest is the realization of quantum simulators capable of complex computations in the fields of nanoscience and continuum mechanics.