ICSU-CODATA Workshop on the Description of Nanomaterials

NQCG attended the ICSU-CODATA Workshop on the Description of Nanomaterials, February 23-24, 2012, Paris, France.

NQCG represented The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. A presentation can be downloaded here.

Workshop background information, agenda and presentations are made available through the CODATA web site.

Approx. 60 experts from 40 countries representing stakeholders from governmental, intergovernmental, NGOs, ICSU, CODATA, E-MRS, ISO, EU, OECD, VAMAS, Scientific Unions (10 Unions attended), industry associations, multinationals, and international organisations attended the workshop.

The Workshop report and recommendations will be published in the CODATA Data Science Journal.

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

NQCG's primary research interest is the realization of quantum simulators capable of complex computations in the fields of nanoscience and continuum mechanics.