NQCGs Scientific Advisory Board is composed of specialists from various complementary research and business areas. For full bios, click the members names (links to external sites).

Prof. Dr. Jon Bing †

Prof. Information Technology Law, Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL), University of Oslo, Norway.

Prof. Leif Edvinsson

Founding partner and CEO of UNIC - Universal Networking Intellectual Capital AB, and Prof. Intellectual Capital, University of Lund, Sweden.

Prof. Dr. Olaf Owe

Prof. Informatics, Research leader of the Precise Modeling and Analysis (PMA) research group, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway.

Prof. Dr. Helmer Fjellvåg

Prof. Inorganic Chemistry and Material Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Director and Board member, Center for Material Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), University of Oslo, Norway.

Prof. Dr. Arne T. Skjeltorp

Founder and CTO of GiaMag AS, Prof. Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science, Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy Systems, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway, former Head, Department of Physics, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE – an international research foundation for energy and nuclear technology).

Prof. Dr. Yuri Galperin

Prof. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Material/Structural Physics, Mesoscopic Physics, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway, and Special Advisor: Advisory Board of the Materials Theory Institute, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA.

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

NQCG's primary research interest is the realization of quantum simulators capable of complex computations in the fields of nanoscience and continuum mechanics.


NQCG is developing an open semantic e-infrastructure system and international collaborative environment for open-source research, standardization and innovation in future and emerging convergent technologies and the integration of state-of-the-art techniques of ontology design.