NQCG´s executive team structure is designed to meet the demands of a world-class technology company.

In order to fulfill the desired objectives, sufficient management resources are required to ensure focus. The executive team will not be complete from day one, but will be completed as the company grows. At this point the company is focusing on functions that need to be filled, supported by an interim executive team:

Mr. Axel Peter Mustad, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Responsibility in the company: Overall responsibility, recruiting and supporting the best people for the right job, finances and funding, business development, strategy and execution, innovative partnership and contract negotiation, day-to- day management and operations, coordination of all matters related to international standardization for nanotechnology. Mr. Mustad has spent significant time over the last decade researching experimental market mechanisms pertaining specifically to future and emerging technologies, then with a special emphasis on intellectual assets in complex open innovation systems. He is deeply involved in international standardization for nanotechnology, especially related to terminology and nomenclature systems.

Specific competences/expertise: Strategy, analysis, standardization, innovation and commercialization of nanotechnology and quantum technologies.

Dr. Henning Heiberg-Andersen, Chief Technology Officer (Quantum Computing)

Responsibility in the company: Building up the Research and Technology Development (RTD) team for Quantum Information Science and Technology, management of research and development for Quantum Technologies, design of quantum- and nano-ontologies, co- ordinate research in RTD collaboration projects, testing and implementation of products and systems, deploy technical strategy.

Specific competences/expertise: Theoretical physicist with fifteen years of experience in the field of nanoscience. He is an expert on nanostructured carbon materials and quantum mechanical modeling methods, and has authored chapters in Handbook of Nanophysics and Handbook of Theoretical and Computational Nanotechnology. His last employment was with Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), the Norwegian National Research Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technology, as Leading Scientist on a EU project on hydrogen storage in carbon nanocones. Dr. Heiberg-Andersen is today a Senior Scientist at Uni Research, Norway.

Dr. Heiberg-Andersen holds a MSc in Nuclear Physics from the University of Bergen, Norway (1996), and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Bergen, Norway (2002).

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

NQCG's primary research interest is the realization of quantum simulators capable of complex computations in the fields of nanoscience and continuum mechanics.