NQCGs Business Advisory Board is composed of specialists from various areas from the academia, industry and finance sectors.

Mr. Tom Ekeberg

Field of expertise; IPR and Patent Strategy.

MSc. Eng. Tom Ekeberg is a European Patent Attorney and Director of Patent Service Line at Zacco Norway AS, one of Europe’s leading intellectual property consultancies headquarted in Denmark. Mr. Ekeberg has extensive experience from patent related work and has worked with intellectual property rights (IPR), especially with patenting of computer related innovations, portfolio management of IPR’s, and strategy and methodology development related to commercial exploitation of such rights. He is responsible for several patent portfolios and IPR strategies for national and international information and communication technology-, and telecom companies. He has background from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, and from a leading Norwegian patent agency Onsagers, working as a patent attorney. He has held several talks on patent strategies and patenting of computer programs, on behalf of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, and on behalf of patent agencies. In addition to working specifically with questions related to patenting of computer programs, he has deep understanding of, and experience with, US patent law.

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

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