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Please contact our Human Resources team. Resumes must be accompanied by a cover letter and salary requirements. Please include your own ideas of what you might accomplish here to distinguish your resume from a pile of others with similar qualifications.

We are looking for creative thinkers and problem solvers; we’re interested most in people who can establish directions, not merely follow them. If applying, please include a list of your scientific papers, a description of the work you have done, and a summary of your research interests. We try to respond to all email, but it sometimes takes awhile. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks to hear back from us before sending follow up messages.

Thank you in advance for your interest in working with NQCG.

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Image Courtesy A. Dzurak, University of New South Wales

NQCG's primary research interest is the realization of quantum simulators capable of complex computations in the fields of nanoscience and continuum mechanics.